I’m from another country, one that doesn’t allow people to carry guns, unless there’s a very, very good reason. Reading, seeing the gun-violence in the USA at record levels and, at last, a serious discussion about it, I still have some doubts about the limits of the Second Amendment:

-    Does it mean that I can go to a shoppingmall, whilst carrying my LAW-rocket strapped around my shoulder, or perhaps should I leave it in my car?  Having the baby sit atop of my spare magazines? If not, why ? (See my next question)

-    What’s the (legal) difference between an RPG and a handgun? They’re both weapons, but somehow the law ‘interferes’ with the Second Amendment to prohibit me carrying an RPG (at least I think it does) and at the same time allowing a handgun. So, there’s some justification why one weapon is worse than the other and why it should be banned from the general public. Why isn’t this ‘distinction’ used to ban assault-weapons etc.?

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