If the Walton family got pissed off about something...

What couldn't they do if they so inclined?

Is it really that surprising that the wealthiest people receive special treatment?

I've known this my entire life.  The rich Absolutely do receive special treatment.  They always have and I doubt that will be changing any time soon.

Not only that but the poor receive special treatment as well.  Especially bad, that is.

Everyone of us sees, hears and reads about it every day,

HSBC confesses to money laundering of Mexican drug cartel monies and funding terrorist organizations and not a single person gets prosecuted.
Bradley Manning gets imprisoned, tortured and likely will never be free again for similar alleged crimes.
Bankers, mortgage financiers, and corporations cause a global financial meltdown and no one gets prosecuted.
AIG, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America.....etc... Received billions of dollars in federal aid for their participation in their crimes.
Homeowners, 401ks, pensions and cities get burdened with the bill.

Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Sheen stay out of prison.
While nearly everyone else goes to prison for the same crimes.

Homeless people go to jail for urinating in public.
While homeowners get a warning.

Everything is wrong and slanted to serve the wealthy.

It's called Monetary Immunity.

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