As I was walking out the door to head to work this morning I happened to catch Scarborough having a mini-breakdown about women not advancing in the Obama administration, and how Obama is anti women, etc. I wont even bother getting into the truth of that statement as Scarborough's behavior is what forced me to clock in a few minutes late.

While wildly proceeding to mansplain to Mika that he was not a chauvinist (after she said something he said was chauvinistic) he proceeds to snap his fingers at her, and then interrupt or interrupting and talking down to anything she tried to explain to him. The look on her face at the finger snapping is quite priceless.

4:32 PM PT: The Huffington Post has a good rundown:

Scarborough began jokingly mentioning things like the Lily Ledbetter act under his breath. Brzezinski grew increasingly angry.

"You need to be quiet right now," she said, before really taking the plunge.

"I'm actually trying to ignore the -- I'm afraid to use the word, because it will not be good for you, because you're being chauvinistic right now," she said. "It's not funny."

"You're calling the wrong guy a chauvinist," Scarborough said angrily, as Brzezinski laughed. She started to turn away, and he snapped his fingers at her to get her to pay attention.

"Stop! Let me help you," she said. "No! Let me help you," he snapped back. "You really, knowing me and seeing me work around here for five years, you want to call me a chauvinist on television?"

"I said the way you're acting is chauvinistic, especially the way you were handling this conversation," she said. "It's not funny."

Mika later apologized for her choice of words. Any wagers on whose idea that was?

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