It is a sad, sad day when the National Organization for Marriage has to reach to France to find people to justify their continued bigotry right here in the good ol' USofA. Since November of 2012, Freedom Fries have never tasted so bitter to the bigots.

After his win last May, socialist President François Hollande promised quick action on passing marriage equality legislation. In June, French government spokesperson Najat Vallaud-Belkacem announced that they were hoping to implement marriage equality by the spring of 2013 at the latest. A poll conducted last August found 65% of respondents were in favor of same-sex marriage and 53% supported adoption rights for same-sex couples.

Of course France has its share of religious bigots and things have gotten heated and ugly over the prospect of loving gay couples ruining marriage for the French people.

NOM couldn't be more delighted by the opposition. They are currently posting videos from a website called Homovox featuring gays who oppose the equality legislation. Of course, this being NOM, the nuance in the videos completely flies over their heads. In the video below, this gay Frenchman is explaining his opposition to marriage equality as an existential crisis over the loss of gay identity.

I oppose this proposed law. I believe it's anti-homosexual. First off, I think society is giving this to homosexuals for the sake of society itself, but it's without meaning. Even worse, another reason that I think this is homophobic against homosexuals is this: This law encourages homosexual couples to think they can copy and fit in the way heterosexual couples do. It makes them think they have to follow the example of man, woman, and child without respecting sexual differences. It denies respect to homosexual couples in reality with regards to their specificity and who they really are.
He then goes on to babble some nonsense about adoption which is pretty self-loathing stuff in my opinion.

The thing is, I have had these very same debates within my circle of friends over the years prior to marriage equality becoming a reality in nine states and the District of Columbia. There were, and still are, plenty of gay people I've discussed this with who maintain that marriage equality would only serve to mainstream ourselves and ultimately do irreversible damage to our culture.

But NOM being comprised of pretty stupid people, they simply can't grasp this concept. The arguments being presented are largely coming from secularists who view marriage as ridiculously traditional and overtly religious. In short, their reasons for opposition are basically the antithesis of NOM's objections to marriage equality. Ironic, ain't it.

Here is Maggie Gallagher not getting it.

In France, a popular rebellion against the socialist party’s attempt to impose gay marriage is emerging. Culturally and intellectually speaking, one of the most extraordinary developments is the emergence of gay voices against gay marriage.
I wonder just how many of their followers NOM has been able to fool into believing that the majority of gay people in France are resisting their shot at marriage equality due to Jesus finding them disgusting pieces of work. Given the lack of intellectual curiosity and limited comprehension skills of their adherents, I would imagine all of them.

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