Received this email today from U.S. Senator Mark Warner's (D. VA) staff gathering signatures for Senator Warner's petition to push for real filibuster reform:
The Senate is about to take up filibuster reform – and I’m hoping you’ll join with Mark Warner and help pressure our legislators to break the gridlock in Washington.

The filibuster has gotten totally out of control. Throughout most of the 20th century, it was a tactic that was hardly ever used– and when the rare occasion did occur when an individual Senator believed a piece of legislation was so harmful that it merited a filibuster, Senators had to stand on the floor for hours and hours in order to get their way.

Those days are over. Now, the filibuster is often used multiple times each day. As Senator Warner said, “it’s become a partisan weapon that’s intentionally used to bring the Senate to standstill.”

Can you make your voice heard and sign Senator Warner’s petition in support of filibuster reform so we can break the gridlock in the Senate?


Thanks for your help. Since the day he was elected, Senator Warner has worked to change the partisan environment in Washington so we can see more results, and less infighting. And believe me, he isn’t about to let up.

Jenny Nadicksbernd, Friends of Mark Warner

You can sign Warner's petition here:


And in case you were wondering, Warner is in excellent shape to win re-election:


PPP's newest Virginia poll finds Mark Warner in a strong position no matter who the GOP puts up against him next year. Warner continues to be the state's most popular politician, with 52% of voters approving of him to only 31% who disapprove.

Bob McDonnell has solid numbers too, with a 48/35 approval spread. Even so he would trail Warner 52/42 if he tried to run for the Senate next year. The rest of the Republicans we tested do far worse. Bill Bolling would trail by 18 points at 53/35. Eric Cantor, who's a very unpopular figure with a 27/44 favorability rating, trails Warner 56/37. And likely 2013 Gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli does the worst in a hypothetical head to head with Warner, trailing 57/36. Barring some dramatic reversal of Warner's popularity he looks safe for next year. - PPP, 1/10/13

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