This probably should be filed under "PR Fail"...

Portland residents panic as men armed with assault weapons ‘educate’ the city

Two men walked the streets of Portland armed with assault weapons earlier this week because they said they wanted to “educate” residents, who reacted by fleeing and calling police.

Warren Drouin and Steven Boyce told KPTV that they were forced to take drastic measure to make sure people were aware of their Second Amendment rights after 20 children in Connecticut were massacred with same type of AR-15 rifles they were carrying

They denied any threatening intent and wanted the fleeing, terrified residents, who cowered in the backs of stores, to feel free to ask them questions.

The police did.

Both have concealed carry permits and the police said "they haven't broken any laws".

One of them adds:

“We did mind the school posting signs,” Boyce pointed out. “We don’t don’t want to cause any trouble with that. We totally respect — there is a little bit of emotional sensitivity towards that and it’s just — we were walking the streets.”

I am unsure what is meant by the 'school posting signs' - there was no reference I could find in the video. But rest assured they didn't mean to cause panic in Portland.

The video is interesting - at the link. The news team interviewed other gun rights supporters who were less than thrilled with this...stunt. One man with a flag pin on his lapel, tagged as 'prospective gun buyer' felt the there may be a time and a place for some things, implying this definitely isn't the time.

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