Well the crazy guy who spouted off about killing people if gun regulation goes further is now facing  consequences for his actions.

The CEO of a weapons and tactical training company has had his gun permit suspended by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security after he published a video on YouTube in which he threatened to “start killing people” if President Obama pushes forward with increased gun control, reported News Channel 5.

James Yeager, who heads the Tennessee-based company Tactical Response, issued a video Thursday in which he said, “I was mad when I said it” and “probably allowed my mouth to overrun my logic” but does not retract his statements. He admits he cut his controversial video by eliminating the part where he says he will “start killing people.” He claims he does not “condone anybody doing anything rash” or “committing any kind of felonies, up to and including aggravated assaults and murders, unless its necessary. Right now, it’s not necessary.”

Just thought you might want to know!

3:14 PM PT: According to This Local TN News Site:

A West Tennessee man can no longer legally carry a a handgun, after he made threatening posts on the internet site YouTube.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security announced Friday that they had suspended James Yeager's handgun carry permit.

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