I wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper.  I was at work and wrote it straight into their web form, and unfortunately didn't get to copy it before I hit submit because my break ran out, but here's the gist of it.

Lock up your guns.

No, not because the government and Obama are going to take them away.  (That just won't happen in America.)

Lock up your guns when you at at home, so that your children, your parents, your friends, and strangers can't get to them.

For hunting rifles and shotguns, you can get a beautiful display cabinet with safety glass and a lock and key.  You can access them and the ammunition any time you want to go hunting.  A gun cabinet is an heirloom quality piece of furniture and can be the centerpiece of your living room.  And it's a lot safer than keeping your rifle hung on a nail over the door.

For personal handguns, get a handgun safe.  You can get a wall mounted combination one with a keypad. Or even more secure, a biometric safe that uses your fingerprint to open in seconds, in the event that you need to grab your hand gun to protect yourself.  This is a lot safer than keeping it in the drawer of your night stand, or under the bed.  If you can grab them quickly, so can anyone else in the house.

Lock up your guns.

For your own safety and for the safety of others in your home.  Part of your personal responsibility as a law abiding gun owner is to ensure that people who shouldn't have access to your weapons can't get a hold of them.  Statistically, your gun is more likely to be used to shoot you or one of your family members than you are to shoot someone threatening you.  Locking up your gun so that only you can access it is the single best way to prevent any tragedies from happening to you -- or because of you.  No extra laws required.

Lock up your guns!

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