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This is the Evolutionary addressing you.  I haven't posted in some time.  I read the Daily Kos every day though.  I am a "bleeding heart", extremely liberal Democrat.  I am a direct descendant of many of our Founding Fathers, and my ancestors spilled their blood on this soil to fight the tyranny of the British Crown, long ago.
I am also descended from courageous men that fought to preserve our Union during the Civil War.  As I type this Diary, I have a tear in my eye, because I found many friends here.  I have canvassed for our team, I have donated my hard earned money to help get better Democrats elected.  I voted Democrat in every election since I was able to vote.
I won't be doing that anymore.  Neither will the members of my (very large) similarly Democrat family.  Read more below.

I was angry, and appalled when a sick individual put a bullet in Gabbie Gifford's head.  I was sick to my stomach when I learned of the other deaths during that horrific event.
I was sad and angry when I learned about the killings of so many beautiful young children in Sandy Hook.  The world is a scary place.
I joined this crowd years ago because I thought I had found a place where other like-minded Americans would help to preserve the rights affirmed to us as Citizens of this wonderful Country - by our Founders.  I have seen those rights (specifically those enumerated in the Bill of Rights) continually eroded over the last two or three decades, by Republicans and Democrats both.

I am a gun owner.  I have commented and diaried in the past to say that I welcome the fight and the challenge to reverse that erosion.  We are the most spied-upon people on the planet.  We have lost rights under every single Amendment in the Bill of Rights.  

These rights are Unalienable.  All of them.

I have heard loud anger over the First Amendment, and little mention of the other nine in an intelligent fashion.

I understand anger and emotion running high after a sick person murdered so many young Americans.  I understand that people say things in anger that they wish they could take back.  Today, I read an "RKBA" Diary.  In the comments, I saw many attacks on those that believe in their Second Amendment rights, but are Democrats.  By association (in numerous diaries and comments), I have now been told that I am a (1) murderer, (2) there is blood on my hands, (3) that I am "un-American", (4) that my defensive weapons should be confiscated, etc., ad nauseum.

Guess what Kossacks?  About 35% of Democrats are gun owners.  Want to find a sure way to lose elections? Keep it up.  I will never again vote for a Democrat (or Republican) that doesn't fight to affirm my unalienable rights under the Constitution of the United States of America.

I swore a blood oath to protect and defend that Constitution.  I was disgusted to see my fellow Liberals and Democrats suggest that our Constitution should be scrapped.

I don't expect sympathy, but probably just more hatred and attacks on my character.  If I am banned, so be it.  I fought along side you, tooth and nail to get Democrats elected.  But, other than the brave few Democrats in the "RKBA" group here, I find that I am now unwelcome.  The "Big Tent" is getting smaller, and more extreme.

I have discussed this with my friends and family, all of whom are Democrats, and all of whom agree with me.  Folks, you don't get to pick and choose which Amendments in the Bill of Rights are okay, and not okay.  If I must vote for a damned Republican who will uphold those rights - from now on, I will. I will hold my nose doing it, but I will do it nevertheless.

I won't respond to comments, since I think they will simply be attacks or derision, or simply insults.  I will read all of them though.  

Just remember one thing.  There are a lot of other Democrats out there, just like me.  They have been very quiet about these violent incidents.  They vote.

When the bad guys are breaking into your house - please, for all our sakes, don't call a guy with a gun to come save you.  

So, with that said, go ahead, throw your worst at me.  I won't be angry.  It's very hard for me to remain angry at anyone.  It's sad that a sick person killed little kids.  It's horrifying actually.  It will happen again if mental health issues aren't taken care of.
I've heard all the arguments, and all the statistics, and some that are flat out wrong.  So I won't argue with you.  We can all pull statistics out of our asses.

You - all of you, members of this powerful blog, are turning away many otherwise very Democratic voters.  Here are ALL of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights (have you read them recently?):



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