The Saturday Morning Home Repair Blog (SMHRB) is where we gather to discuss the many and varied aspects of home repair.  Some here are trained professionals.  Some, talented DIYers.  Some, hopeless thumb-hammerers.  All are welcome.  Please feel encouraged to ask questions, share successes, lament sags, drips and cracks and, as always, share any advice that you have for the rest of us.

I am woefully behind this week, since we are fixing truly epic levels of stupid at work.  This isn't your garden-variety using-16d-nails-for-molding stupid, this is are-they-that-stupid-or-is-this-a-conspiracy stupid.  Sadly, I can't talk about it now.  So no photos or anything, but the shop is open for everyone else.  Special thanks to CodeTalker for reminding me that I had to get something in.  

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