Since I'm able to do this relatively quickly, I transcribed the video between the Yeagermeister and his attorney. It may be helpful, it may be just a great source of snarky comments. Whatever purpose it may serve, have at it. If you find any errors in the transcription, please let me know. I think I have it right for the most part. I'm using Y to represent Yeager and A to represent his Ass of an Attorney.

Y:  Hey everybody, James Yeager with Tactical Response. Tonight I'm here with my friend, alumnist and attorney Dana McLendon.

In my other video, I said some pretty volatile stuff, which I apologize for. I do not in any way advocate the overthrowing of the United States Government. Nor do I condone any violent actions towards any elected officials. I was very angry when I made that video, and uh, I didn't have time to reflect on it before it was put up and I took it down very quickly but it was reposted with my original thoughts. I was mad when I said it, um, I apologize for letting my anger get the better of me, but, uh, I want make to sure that everybody understands that it's not time for that. It is not time for any type of violent action.

Y: Say hello please.

A: Evening.

Y: Um, Dana contacted me as a friend and said "hey, you know uh, that video, you know, maybe we should have said some things about, you know, what people should be doing right now." And so that's what we're here to talk about, is what we need to be doing right now politically to further our cause.

A: Well, there are some thoughts and thanks for having me on.

I think that people need to recognize that for twenty years or so, people in the gun enthusiast industry and that kind of thing have really made some big advances. Shall issue states swept the nation. Almost every state you can get permission to carry a gun now. The laws have really gone our way for a long time.

Y: Right.

A: And so the process works. The legislative process tends to work, and by-and-large, we haven't done anything to burn the legislators that have trusted us with these laws. Right?

Y: Right.

A: So I think it's important at this time, you know, we have to understand that right now people are afraid, and and, they're worried. And they want to know how they can not be, you know, unsafe. They want to feel safe. And not everybody's cut out to carry a gun, not everybody's going to be a gun enthusiast. A lot of people are not going to ever be that. They just want to walk around and feel safe. And so what's happened is, there are politicians out there who are using this opportunity to kind of seduce these people into believing that they have a solution for their safety.

Y: Right,

A:...and, you know, we can talk about whether or not there's actually any validity to that. But they're selling safety. But they're not going to be able to deliver it the way they they are promising.

For that reason I think it's important that people that are on our side of this equation talk to their legislators and tell them, remind them, hey, for twenty years the trends been going this direction, for twenty years crime rates are dropping, for twenty years violent crime, dropping you know. Now is not the time to overreact and apply a lot of reactionary policies that don't really address the problems that we're facing.

Y: Right.

A: So I would advocate for people to realize that we're re dealing with a scared population. We're dealing with people who don't necessarily think and feel like we do. And contact your legislators and let them know that we want them to stand fast with our rights and our privileges and not do things that won't work. Look at doing things that might work and have a reasonable discussion about that. Don't overreact to every soundbite that some politician who comes on teevee and says.

Y: Right, and I'll post a link below the video for some ways to contact your elected officials.

A: Yeah, if your watching the video, clearly you know how to get on the internet. Clearly you know how to do so, you know. And when you do contact that elected official, you know, take the time to do it right. Learn the proper form of address, address it correctly...and...and

Y:...not excessive capitalization or exclamation points.

A: Yeah, you're not sending a text to a fourteen year old. Try to make a real letter that looks like something that deserves attention and reflection and respect. I've been an elected official for a long times and the reality is that sometimes I get e-mails or letters from people and I'm ten words in and I go, I don't even care if I agree with them. I'm done reading this.

Y: Right.

A: Just take the time to do it right and participate in the process. And, you know, rely upon that fact that for twenty years it has largely been going our way. And I think if we maintain our edge and keep our wits about us, this thing will turn out okay.

Y: Right, and earlier this week I made a pretty inflammatory video. Hindsight being 20-20 I shouldn't have said some of the things I said, of course. And I just want to reiterate to everyone that it's not time to shoot anybody. What it is time to do is to organize politically, contact our elected officials, and help steer this ship the direction we want it go. It's unfortunate that things have become so volatile, but it is an opportunity for us to push forward, hold ground or even push forward at this juncture . And so the way to do that now right now is via letters, via e-mails and phone calls to your elected officials. And not just federal, I mean talk to you local people, your state people, everybody along the chain. And even if there's nothing going on in your state right now, that same letter sent to your government's office explaining what you think and what you think is right, it still matters. It will matter at some point that very elected official knows what their constituents want.

A: Yeah. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking anybody to be any less vigilant or any less committed to their beliefs. But for the time being, I think the right thing to do is to operate within a system and make sure that you're, you know, acting responsibly. You're not advocating things that are not helpful and trust that at the end of the day this will work out okay if we all just do the right thing and stay the course.

Y: I really appreciate Dan making time on this Friday afternoon to do this. He is a very busy man. I do appreciate him clearing some stuff off his schedule for us. But he is very correct every thing he said I'm in 100 percent agreement with. And it's time I guess for us to kind of reflect on what really is important in this country and do things legitimately, lawfully, and with no malice.

Alright. Thanks a lot for watching. Please share. Please subscribe. If you need a good attorney in Nashville, I put his contact information down there. Thanks a lot.

A: Thanks for having me.

Bolding mine.

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