If you don't have kids you have no value to society.

This is the message that I continuously receive as someone who is child-free by choice.

The most recent example came when I applied for a medical card in Arizona. I thought that since I have zero income and a chronic medical condition (PCOS) that I may finally qualify for assistance. Two months after submitting my application I received the following one-sentence denial:

This person does not live with an eligible dependent child.

Not having kids means that I don't matter. The debilitating pain and mood swings that I have been suffering with for months doesn't matter.

And, no, Planned Parenthood can't help, because the large cyst growing on the one ovary I have left is not resolving on its own and not resolving through use of birth control. My only option is surgery and the only way I can get that now is to wait until my last ovary torques and it becomes an emergency situation. Then I will no longer just be child-free by choice, I will be infertile. And then I really won't matter.


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