Watched Scarface last night. Yuck what a stinky movie watched all of it.  Gaaa, best example of non Hispanics actors with terrible accents.

I have always been amazed how the continuing brownout of  Hispanic American actors and reporters and people in general.

Kos is the hardly ever on T.V.  If Hispanic American people want to see themselves and their Hispanic American culture they have to tune in to Latino television which is fine but further isolates a people.  I am in San Antonio now which is great because many of the local t.v. news people are Hispanic and the local Texas Public Radio has Hispanic anchors with immaculate English.  I love that so much. After living in Canada, for over thirty years, i learn to appreciate the very diverse groups of white people.
Over the Orange Embroidery.......

Ukrainian Canadian people and their perogies!!! Yum.  French Canadians and their "Beaver tails" woo! Lower Canada Brit culture in Niagara on the Lake.    Lethrbridge Hutterite beauties hanging out at the mall on Thursdays, looking to buy perfume.  My Russian Canadian mechanic who kept my V.W running in 1978.  
My next door neighbor of Texas German valley heritage, a little rednecky but super nice.
Just to name a few.

White folks are very diverse with a rich culture.  

So while we seem to think that immigration is the only important issue with Hispanic Americans we are like everybody else, too.  I watched Uncle Miltie and his show of shows at night. Captain Kagaroo in the morning.  We loved the Beatles and rock and roll.
Here is to hoping that Hispanic Americans continue to grow and achieve their proper position in American Society.

Happy Sunday, Ya'll, eh?

Mexican American Canadian..... Me.

This is no comment on Obama's cabinet choices.

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