Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. I had promised my Mom that I would take her cat Pixie when she died. I have the little rascal down here with me. Mom always refereed to Pixie as her little Princess. Pixie has definite views of what that means.

Princess Pixie

According to Pixie “what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine, and what’s Merlin’s is definitely mine.” Anything and everything is a plaything according to her. In theory I got a pootie pad for each cat. In reality Pixie has taken over both.


Pixie loves to be held. She crawls up on my chest and purrs and reaches up to pat my face. She is definitely a little soft-soaper. She climbs on my lap when I’m watching movies however she prefers I not watch movies that bring on tears because I “drip” on her. I’m surprised she hasn’t buried my copy of Independence Day because the scene where the President is addressing the troops right before they take off to try and bring down the aliens gets to me every time.

Pixie will watch as I clean the litter box every day. She feels that the proper way to show appreciation is to immediate use it even if she has to squeeze out a couple of drops. She also loves to watch water go down the drain, which means I have to lean over her when trying to brush my teeth. Watching the toilet flush is so much fun according to her.

Pixie Toilet

My niece got two of those mechanical butterflies in a jar for Christmas and left one here for Pixie. Pixie has discovered if she knocks the jar over on its side and rolls it around she can get the butterfly to move. She is definitely a smart little girl.

Pixie loves to "decorate" the floor with her toys. I'll pick them up to vacuum and she gets them out of her toy basket and scatters them all over the house. She "feeds" her favorite toy mouse but of course only in Merlin's Bowl.


She helps me make the bed every morning. I’m not sure how standing where I’m trying to pull sheets up is helping but she thinks it is. She loves scrunching under the covers and hiding but for some reason I can always tell she is there.


Mom used to feed Pixie deli turkey and beef. Pixie still tries to go to the refrigerator and demand to be fed but I can’t afford the luxury of deli meat for her. It doesn’t stop her from trying.

Pixie Head On

Pixie’s main job according to her is to make sure I remember how to wake up. She was with Mom when she died around three in the morning and stayed with her for twelve hours until my brother came home and found her. Pixie comes in around three in the morning and will wake me up because she remembers trying to wake Mom up at that time and couldn’t.

So Princess Pixie’s world consists of playing, pestering Mom, driving poor Merlin nuts, watching her squirrels, and being admired for the pretty little Princess my Mom convinced her she was.

The Pixster

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