Looking up Canal Street from St. Charles Avenue (on the left of the photographer) and Rue Royale (on the right). The stores are lit up for Carnival, with Daniel Henry Holmes' department store on the right the brightest of the bunch.

It's also the first day my new book Legendary Locals of New Orleans, published by Arcadia is available in stores and from the usual on-line suspects. Go past the squiggly for more details on both topics...

This shot was taken late at night, because Canal in the evenings would have been filled with streetcars. To have the four main line tracks on Canal empty for so many blocks means it's well past midnight.

The large rectangular building one block up from Holmes Department Store is that store's biggest competitor, Maison Blanche. To the left of MB is the Chess, Checkers, and Whist Club.

Today is Release Day for my new book, Legendary Locals of New Orleans! If you're in Metro New Orleans, get thee to Maple Street Book Shops, Octavia Books, Garden District Book Shop, Barnes & Noble, or your neighborhood Walgreens and buy my book! :-)

You can also order it online (B&N, Powells, Amazon, Direct from Me), but there's no ebook version yet.

OR, if you like book events, hold out until January 31st, and join me for a discussion and signing at Octavia.

Even if you're not coming to a book signing, you can purchase signed copies from this website, or I'll gladly sign your copy when I'm in town. I'll post my "coffee shop office hours" for folks when I'm home.
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