What if Barack Obama was a Daily Kos Moderator? What if he had no banhammer and every poster knew it? What if he could only cajole people to stop their pie fights or ask for public support against the pie fighting? What if the pie fighters could keep on pie fighting and initiating ludicrous rules for the site, which could become dkos law, and the only power that Moderator Obama had was the power to veto their ludicrous plans? What if the pie fighters, themselves, could not get rid of each other because all ratings were removed? What if Moderator Obama had plans for the site but needed the cooperation of the pie fighters? What if the only way to remove the pie fighters from the site was a vote every two or six years, depending on the pie fighter, in which the pie fighters' constituents--the ones screaming for more and more pie fights--would vote on whether to keep the same pie fighter or elect an even more energetic pie fighter? What if Barack Obama was a Daily Kos Moderator?


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