• Today's comic is Shooting down gun control by Matt Bors:
    Comic - Shooting down gun control
  • No wonder Congress is less popular than lice. At least lice don't illegally download movies and TV shows while passing laws to punish illegally downloading movies and TV shows:
    Over the last four months, employees of the House of Representatives have illegally downloaded dozens of films and TV shows, according to a report shared with Whispers by ScanEye, a website that tracks what IP addresses have downloaded on BitTorrent. BitTorrent is a protocol for sharing large files over the Internet. Unauthorized downloads of copyrighted material is illegal in the U.S.
  • Florida Gov. Rick Scott abandons Reagan.
  • Sad that this is actually news:
    One of the abiding mysteries at the Supreme Court is why Justice Clarence Thomas has failed to say a word in almost seven years of arguments. On Monday, when he finally broke his silence, the mystery was replaced by a riddle: Just what did Justice Thomas say? [...]

    The court transcript confirms that Justice Thomas spoke, for the first time since Feb. 22, 2006. It attributes these words to him, after a follow-up comment from Justice Scalia concerning a male graduate of Harvard Law School:

    “Well — he did not — .”

    Guess we'll look forward to more brilliant scholarly insights from him in another seven years.
  • Now you can read Playboy for the articles (wink wink) in Hebrew:
    It’s unclear whether Israelis in 2013 will consider a magazine with nude photos acceptable, either because they are conservative or because they object to the use of women as sex objects, a charge leveled at the magazine since its inception. Circulation potential is not the only issue; there's concern that large advertisers may be reluctant to jump on board.

    But the Playboy team feels there is an audience waiting and they're working hard to win the hearts of Israeli men. The team already includes an editor-in-chief, a deputy editor, a designer, a vice president of marketing and a business development manager, while Pomerantz serves as CEO.

    All the Playboy-Israel execs know the old joke about people who “read Playboy for the articles,” but they are taking the magazine’s content very seriously.

  • Sorry, you people, but Ann Romney will not be on Dancing With the Stars.
  • Here's a shocking headline:
    Marriage Equality Bill Introduced in Wyoming has Bipartisan Support
  • Oh great. Another George Bush wants to get elected. What could possibly go wrong with that?
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show: Nutters plan a walled city in Idaho. Greg Dworkin on new gun policy polling. Sandy relief in the House, and we learn how & why the Rules Committee is protecting the bill from most cuts. Conservative Crazies, from Bachmann, to Sandy Hook Truthers, to yet another anti-gay crusader exposed. A glitch repeatedly pinpoints one man's house as the location of lost cell phones. And finally, a video that shows just what can happen with some of these gunslinging hero fantasies. Can you guess?

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