Hi everyone!  First off, thank you all for reccing my AK-Sen diary on Sunday.  Sorry if I came off as a little demanding in the beginning but I just really wanted Begich's plan to gain not only support but recognition.  So thank you all again.  Second, I know I have posted a lot of diaries with petitions for filibuster reform from different Senators.  Sorry if it's a bit repetitive but I want to keep the pressure on making this happen.  Especially with the January 22nd deadline coming up.  Today. I received an email from U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D. NM), co-author of the Udall-Merkley-Harkin plan to reform the filibuster.  Here's a summary of their plan:
The Udall-Merkley-Harkin plan has been endorsed by Democracy Initiative, a coalition of progressive issues groups, organized labor and environmental organizations.  You can learn more about Democracy Initative here:


Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D. NV) and President Obama also back filibuster reform.  Now here's the email I received from Senator Udall:

Right now, we have a window of opportunity to fix one of the major sources of gridlock in the Senate -- and we need your help to achieve real change.

Over the next week, Senate leadership will be meeting to discuss various options for reforming the filibuster. This is our chance to push for reform that helps solve the problem and makes progress possible.

I'm joining with the Daily Kos, Senator Merkley and Senator Warren to gather as much grassroots energy as possible behind this effort. Join our effort!

Let's send a clear message to Senate leadership -- we want real filibuster reform now. Sign on to the petition today!


When I was elected to the Senate, instead of the ‘world’s greatest deliberative body’ I found a graveyard for good ideas. The filibuster, a procedural maneuver that’s now routinely abused by members of both parties, is to blame. Next week, we have a chance to deliver real change.

Filibusters today are not what you see in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. There is no Jimmy Stewart, debating an issue for hours on end, making their case to the American people. The sound of a filibuster today is the sound of silence.

If a single senator wants to hold up a piece of legislation, they should have to hold the Senate floor and engage an old school Talking Filibuster.

This next week will be critical in getting real filibuster reform -- and we need to make our position clear.

Help us get the Senate working again -- click here right now, and sign on your support for real filibuster reform.


Your support is critical. Sign the petition to stand for real filibuster reform today.

Thank you.


Here's the petition again if you haven't signed it yet:


Keep the pressure on the Democrats in the Senate because we need to put an end to minority party obstruction if we are ever going to make the necessary changes to move our country and our economy forward.  And while you're at it, how about donating to Udall's re-election campaign:


FYI, New PA-Gov and NC-Sen diaries coming soon!  My power was out yesterday and work was really busy hence why I didn't have anything new yesterday.

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