The promise of this nation, the United States of America, is that her people will continue to endeavor in the never-ending task of helping bring about a more perfect union.  If today there is any semblance of decency, of progress, of justice, of equality under the law, it all has come about as the result of multi-generational mighty struggles against injustice, oppression, corruption, racism, and enslavement.  And for this, we have only one segment of the population to thank: members of the enlightened liberal/progressive movement.

There can be no debate about this; it is based on unadulterated facts; it is empirical; it is a truism.

Nevertheless, as the nation has struggled to rid itself of the influences from the most disturbing, uglier, evil, exploitative, and outright sadistic impulses and base (or debased) instincts of human nature, the ideal of becoming a more perfect union has always been challenged by the sad reality that there exists among us a certain element that acts as a disease that always threatens to weaken our society.  It's an abhorrent element; disgusting, hate-filled; where ignorance is not rejected, but embraced; where the most debased of human instincts fester, emanating a nauseating stench.

Thankfully, because of the advances brought about exclusively by Liberals and Progressives, that poisonous segment of the population is slowly disappearing, and one day they will become extinct.  That is the promise of modernity, of enlightenment, of education, of decency, and the yearning for equality under the law, and justice, and fairness.

One day in the no-too-distant future, the wild-eyed extreme religious end-of-days fundamentalist will be completely marginalized, their numbers dwindled to irrelevance, because of the enlightenment brought about by education, and science--thank God for that!  One day the rabid angry racist will be here no more, as society continues its march towards racial diversity, and equality.  One day the fanatic ultra-nationalist, and the jingoistic, and the ethnocentric, and the nativist, will all be left to fester and stew in their own vitriol, paranoia, and ignorance, again dwindling to irrelevance as the rest of society moves forward towards a more perfect union.

So my question to you, brothers and sisters, is why do we spend so much time focusing on their lunacy?  You are a decent person; you understand the concept of community, of living in harmony with each other and with nature, of the rule of law, and equality under the law, of the rewards of an educated mind, and of technology, and science.

Currently the aforementioned abhorrent elements of society are making pronouncements about starting an armed revolution, animated by their lunacy, paranoia and deep-seated hatreds and all manner of debased attitudes and instincts.  Yes, my brothers and sisters; we refer to them as nut-jobs, repugs, rethugs, extremists, etc., and why not?  They are; any cursory analysis of these people, of their beliefs, of their rhetoric, will lead any sane person to come to that conclusion.

But they are deranged.  Yes, the sick, opportunistic demagogues who profit by fanning the flames of paranoia and racist anger within this dwindling group of miscreants are indeed hoping to bring about violence and create havoc.  And given the level of vitriol and lunacy these people live with, yes, it is possible that these irresponsible actors will manipulate and entice a few nut-jobs to get violent.  But a revolution?  Please!

These ring-masters are money-grabbing cowards.  Have you noticed that most of them have no idea what it is like to actually serve in the military?  Have you noticed that actual war heroes, people who have seen actual combat, are the most reasonable people, responsible in their rhetoric, and exemplary about the way they live their lives?  

All these noises you hear, all the saliva-spewing, vein-popping ugliness you hear from these miscreants is just a manifestation of their ongoing and assured demise, as they convulse, stewing in rage and anger, because the world is changing around them.  Because no longer will the world validate their superstitions, their unwarranted sense of superiority, their embrace of ignorance.

Yes, yes, the danger is that the fascist billionaires and their think-tanks, and the control they have over much of the media, are constantly trying to use these low-life elements of society as their useful idiots.

But these fascist billionaires and ALEC, and the NRA, etc., will fail.  Because there are more decent people in this country than these dwindling retrogrades--by a huge margin. Yes, as they manipulate these unsavory elements of society and push some of them to violence, these organizations and individuals will have (and do have) blood on their hands.

But again, we know moving the country towards a more perfect union is not easy.  It has never been easy.

So it is our duty as Liberals and Progressives, as the true and only guardians of enlightenment and modernity, to continue the struggle, to move forward, to spend our energy and talent and resources and time on productive endeavors, on finding ways to improve education, on removing the influence of fascistic billionaires obsessed with buying off the entire government, and on removing the corrupt money-grabbing politicians at their service.  Yes, that's our duty, and we must and we will continue the struggle.

But let's not focus too much on the lunacy.  What the right-wing does when they offend by opening their mouths and talk about armed revolutions and killing people and about birth certificates, etc., is tantamount to watching a deranged institutionalized individual spreading feces on a wall, frantically.  Yes, it is kind of disturbing to see that, but why would I spend any time describing what the deranged inmate is doing?  There is no value whatsoever.

I do grant you that, in actuality, the deranged people that are spreading the feces are out and about, walking among us; so, yes, we need to pay some attention.  But let's keep it in perspective; let's spend more time on constructive things, on ideas, and activism.

I for one could not give a fuck what these lunatics say; I have no interest.  I'm more interested to know what Elizabeth Warren has to say about anything, or what Bernie Sanders is doing, or what the folks at ActBlue, or MoveOn, or DalyKos, or CREDO, are engaged in.

On the threat of armed revolution by these knuckle-dragging fools, let any of them take the first step; they will quickly find out they are outnumbered a million to one, because there are many, many times more decent people in this country than these miscreants.

So, that's my little advice on how to deal with the current crop of Republicans...

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