Backstory:  Laurie David is a passionate environmentalist.  She was the producer of "An Inconvenient Truth"  nuff said.  She's lately been involved in advocating for a healthier food system especially regarding children and especially regarding the US mega consumption of sugary soda drinks which is credited with being a major factor in the US obesity epidemic.

And then Beyonce became a national spokesperson for Pepsi.  Then Beyonce was invited to preform at the Presidential Inauguration in Washington DC.  This was too much for Laurie David who equated Beyonce's participation with White House acceptance of Beyonce's sugary food advocacy.  What about Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign?  And her activity against childhood obesity?   So David slammed Beyonce and was instrumental with initiating a White House petition at We The People site against her performing at the inauguration.

So now the big story.  The petition has disappeared.  WTF!   What's the purpose of the We The People petition site anyway?   Just petitions that the White House agrees with?   Don't criticize any of their friends?

Laurie David ‏@Laurie_David

Why did the #WhiteHouse take down the #beyonce petition on their We the People site? We the people, but dont criticize beyonce? #obesity

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