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Ever notice how little anyone is talking about the lobbying problems we have in our government? We are having this debate about gun control which this writer is all for, but I'm really sick of the media; yes including the liberal media reporting on the NRA as if they have a right to a voice in our governments decision making on laws. Every story is, "The NRA said this, the NRA doesn't like that." I'm sorry, but I don't remember voting for them or any other lobbyist in the last election, or any other election.

I would like to know how long the NRA will be allowed to put a price on all our lives and our children's lives with their crazy twist of our Second Amendment. How long before the people of this country tell our government we are sick and tired of the lobbyists actually running our country, and deciding what laws go in and which ones don't?
The Supreme Court says corporations are people, but the last time I checked offering a Congressman money for something in return is called a bribe, and corporations should be held up to the same laws. Maybe we need to ask the question if corporations are people how legal is it for our Congressmen and women to take money from them for something in return.

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