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Thank you, Mr. President.

Others may call it grandstanding. I call it "leadership."

This is the most comprehensive gun violence and safety proposal in decades. Not all of it will pass (and arguably, maybe there are ways to make the proposals better).

Cynical reporters trying to be neutral will undoubtedly list all the reasons this will be diffucult without listing the 26 reasons why this is different (they all have names and 20 of them were children). It's already started. That's okay, they don't live here.

Want to know more about the proposals? Here are the 23 executive orders. Here's more about the plan. See also Daily Kos coverage here and here.

We will see in the next few days and weeks how it goes, how the House and Senate jockey to make the other guy go first.

But for now, just "Thank you, Mr President. From this Newtown resident, thank you."

Please send an email to your member of the House of Representatives demanding s/he support President Obama's proposals for improving gun safety.

Originally posted to Greg Dworkin on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 09:46 AM PST.

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