Dear NRA:

Please don't change.  Please continue what you are doing.  I really love how you are sticking to your guns, pun intended.  You are doing a great job.

You are doing a great job of destroying your brand.  You are showing how small minded you are.  You are showing how morally corrupt you are.  You are showing how you will not stop at anything to keep your profits flowing.

Yes, you are seeing your membership rise, but a profit oriented organization like you that also has to grease a lot of palms really shouldn't give such deep discounts for joining you.  And do you really trust those new members who didn't have true conviction and pay the full amount?

But like I was saying, please keep it up.  And keep the pressure up on on the GOP lackies you have and those disgraceful Dems who are also in your pocket.  Your inability to be flexible, and discuss things in a reasonable manner is pushing more and more people into the other camp.  And while you are destroying your own brand, you are also destroying the GOP and weak Dems.  

So keep it up.  You are also loosing people like Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell who is right now taking one of yours to the wood shed.

Love Me.

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