Okay, so I never diary, never comment.  I come here just to see what the headlines are and what the daily political excitement is.  I don't comment, I prefer to avoid conflict. But I guess I just could not avoid this one any longer.  I'm sure there is some good reason why we are shown  multiple pictures of a grown man crying.  I'm speaking of John Boehner who is shown in various states of crying on a regular basis here. It must be some political statement about Republicans or about the Speaker of the House.  And perhaps the intent is not to reflect the message that men who show sensitivity and express emotion are somehow less than manly or weak, perhaps.  Couldn't be about any of the names men are called who are more emotional like I was called when I was young, like, "sissy" or "baby" or "faggot".  

I know that at one time I was never  able to contain my crying when I felt bad.  I remember how my Dad use to tell me I was too sensitive.  Oh, how hard it was to stifle my crying so my dad or my older brothers wouldn't call me a "cry baby", or even worse, if anyone at school saw me cry, which happened a couple of times "by accident" (tears can come out at the most inauspicious times.).  

But over the years, I got the hang of it, and learned to keep those tears under control.  Many years later, I finally did realize I was gay despite this contorted containment, not that straight men are told any different about what is okay and what is not okay with regard to one's emotions.

I got good all these years. I instinctively knew for pure survival I could never show what John Boehner dares to show. You would have been proud.  No one called me "baby", or "sissy", or worse, "faggot". Emotions were always carefully kept from view.  So thank you society, for helping me to remember the messaging, about what a boy and a man can and can't be.  And thank you Daily Kos, for continuing to perpetuate this message.  I had expected something different here, but I guess, showing pictures of a man that everyone loves to ridicule in various forms of tears is funny, and is probably just saying some other message about politics, and I'm just missing the whole point  I'm sure if the Speaker of the House were a woman that we all opposed, then a similar flood of tears would be shown, right?  I know, I know, I'm too sensitive.  Just tell me when it's okay for a man to cry.  Thanks for listening.  Now I'll get out of the crossfire.  I know I'm missing the whole point.

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