I really thought Rush Limbaugh could not sink any lower. It seems like just when he's hit an all time low he finds a way to out do himself. During his show today, Limbaugh actually mocked the children who died at Sandy Hook Elementary.  He was talking about the children who had written letters to President Obama, asking him to keep them safe from gun nuts.  But, I believe there was an even darker goal for Limbaugh. I believe in his twisted, ugly mind he was also addressing the children of Sandy Hook. He screwed up his face like a spoiled child. He whined, he whimpered. He wailed. Mocking the children he said, “We don’t want to die.” Then he  sniffled repeatedly.  What's his point? Does he really want to go there? Does he really want to make fun of children for wanting to live?

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Join: The Flush Rush Facebook community
Visit: The StopRush sponsor database
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Originally posted to Weezerr1 on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 04:02 PM PST.

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