I recently suggested that every person insist that all the institutions he/she is a member of have a "code red" plan.

It seems that number 19 of the President's executive orders is exactly that:

19. Develop model emergency response plans for schools, houses of worship and
institutions of higher education.

As one commenter noted, it forces the gun issue out into the open.

The original plan after the orange squiggly...

The high school that my kids went to has several drills for emergencies.  The one for a gun on campus is called "code red".  In it, all students go into classrooms, the doors are locked, lights off, shades drawn, and everyone hunkers down, while the police are called to remove the weapon from campus.

Why don't my adult organizations have the same protection?

So, to fully embrace our country's love of guns and yet be prepared for the worst, I suggest that every organization have a code red plan.  EVERY organization:  fraternal groups, church congregations, fitness centers, shopping malls, libraries, clubs (for example my men's chorus), every organization.

Each group would choose a plan of action to be carried out if a person appears with an assault weapon.  (After all, if a person appears with an assault weapon, a reasonable assumption is that they plan to use it.  To avoid this issue, try not to have disgruntled former members...)

a.  Some might opt for "run and hide" - upon seeing a person with an assault weapon, everyone in attendance is notified and they scatter and hide as best they can.

b.  Then there is the "armed guard" option - The group hire an armed guard.  Of course the guard would have to be armed at least as well as any perpetrator, so that means an assault weapon.  Any they would have to be in a protected area, so that might mean some type of armored vehicle capable of stopping armor-piercing bullets.  (This is slightly out of my league...)

c.  The "designated trouble shooters" option - The group would designate at least three members to come to the meetings fully armed.

d.  The "everyone is armed" - The group decides that every member must come armed to every meeting.

Which option would a sane person choose?

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