Just as the Second Amendment stands in the way of effective gun control and licensing, the Eighth Amendment stands in the way of true justice for murderers and molesters.  The one should be outright repealed, the other needs to be modified by a further Amendment:

In exception to the requirements of the Eighth Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment leading to death shall be mandatory for all crimes of mass-casualty terrorism, aggravated mayhem, or premeditated murder, and for all crimes against children; and further, such punishment shall be allowed for all violent crimes.
This Amendment would require judges to impose torture-to-death sentences on the worst killers, without the possibility of bleeding-heart liberal leniency standing in the way.  It would require our justice system to send child-killers to scream-hell before they died--true justice for the victims and their parents.  It would create a deterrent bringing real terror to the gut of every prospective perp.

Surely, a majority of Americans would support such a True Justice Amendment.

Originally posted to Autonomeritus on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 11:17 PM PST.

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