Ergo LGB soldiers are not worth supporting in the Army's eyes.

The Marines did the right thing and decided their troops were more important than bronze age social mores.

As things stand now, the Army, backed by the Pentagon, is saying it will not bar recognition of spouses’ clubs that prohibit same-sex couples from membership.

This all began awhile back at Fort Bragg, N.C., after the Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses denied Ashley Broadway membership, even though she is married to Army Lieutenant Colonel Heather Mack.

This does not improve my own deservedly low opinion of military wives clubs. You can blame some well groomed ladies from the 70's for that.

But what is the real purpose of exclusion? There really isn't one. If this woman went around performing lecherous acts she already would be under scrutiny. So she obviously behaves properly outside the bedroom. I'm not aware of any actual Ghey Cooties so they can not use that as a reason.

Their only reason they give is they are morally opposed to Two Women Loving Eachother

If that is what they call moral I don't want them as friends.

I actually have no horse in this show. If you notice the T is missing from LGBT. Why? Because by simply existing we are not allowed to serve- ever.

That was a nice stab in the heart when I grew up being told joining the military was the fall back "get a job" postion

4:38 AM PT: I had to add this from commonmass:

fire some people at the Pentagon and some people in key positions in the armed services and make the point the the entire reason for the military is to defend the country, not defend their own personal bigotry,

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