President Obama and his team should be commended for an admirable and courageous effort to rein in gun violence in America, but we think despite the noble aim, prioritizing targeted opposition will remain a silent challenge. We think addressing the fears of those obsessed with unfettered access to firearms is most essential when engaging the 2nd Amendment debate.

"The Gunfight on Capitol Hill" that has gripped the world's attention is bigger than the 26 killed in Connecticut. If the lives of defenseless innocents can regularly be snuffed out at the hands of deranged gunmen, yet the national debate still defaults to the predictable "Rights to Bear Arms" argument, then clearly the deranged gunmen is not what is feared most.

Beyond the hunters, collectors, self defenders and sport enthusiast, lie an element living in constant fear and anger. They fear just about everything and are angry at just about everybody. Without addressing the fear and anger of those who've convinced themselves they must be prepared for violent confrontation with the most lethal and sophisticated firearms at all times, we may have the country missing its primary mark.

For lack of a professional classification, this element will hereinafter be referred to as the Cracked Pots. BTW, the Cracked Pots should not be confused the Crazies. While these two very different categories frequently overlap, the Crazies can often be helped with medication, but a true Cracked Pot will unlikely respond to anything but isolation.

In an effort to understand the mindset of the Cracked Pots, we found ourselves (The Rational) harboring many of the same concerns as the Cracked Pots. When the media is filled with verifiable tales of the U.S. government granting itself sweeping new powers at the expense of individual rights, even the eyebrows of the rational minds are raised.

From National Security Letters, warrantless wiretapping, domestic use of surveillance drones, indefinite detentions, the erosion of reasonable search and seizure protections, the loathsome TSA and the list goes on and on and on, both rational and irrational minds should be worried. Where "The Rational" and "The Cracked Pots" part company, is in their respective approaches to opposing government overreach. "The Rational", will take to the streets and the The Cracked Pots will take to the bell towers. What "The Crazies" will do, can not be foreseen because they are F-Ing Crazy.

Understanding the difference between "The Rational", "The Crazy" and "The Cracked Pot" will determine how resources should be allocated between law enforcement and mental health. In the meantime, it would behoove President Obama to take a stab at allaying the fears and assuaging the anger of those who fear him most. If the President can solve this problem, he'll solve a multitude of others in the process.

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