This is not some informational or heavily referenced post.
As diaries go, this is truer to form as an actual diary entry.

The dangers of the present rhetoric coming from the right fringe, from municipalities to federal government, from Fox to talk radio...
We're in volatile territory here.

It is easy for us to get caught up in the detail-
this schmuck said this, that dickwad said that; but the overall trend is just plain scary. These, These people truly believe that any, Any gun legislation comes from true enemies of their warped, ignorant, misinformed, sick concept of American liberty. And it is frighteningly serious as to the rhetoric spewing from all corners of the gun-scape. (Did Reagan or Bush have to endure such dangerous dogma?).

Give us one rebellious bunch of pissed-off, deluded, drunk, 'patriotic,' assault-weaponed bigots that has been listening to this crap, for just a little too long- and with the NRA using terms like 'Fight of the Century.' Fight? Okay. And this continuing spoon-fed, borderline violence rhetoric might horrifically lead to attacks on federal entities, or people.

We're traversing dangerous territory here.

I am in northern Georgia after living in a crime-minimal, gunless society for years, Singapore. And whether one sees its government as oppressive or not..  frankly, I never felt that at all. And I was aware that if I engaged in mischievous or violent behavior, I might have been caned. And yea, regardless, I did 'raise some hell' while there.. however one chooses to define 'raising hell.'

But how do you measure a benevolent hierarchy that has strict expectations of conduct, a proactive policy agenda that decisively and expediently improves the country... vs. a nation where one's very security is threatened? And that's exactly where we are... A place where politicians, supposed pillars of our bureaucracy, engage in what might be considered war-talk.
And while in Asia, I lived in a Muslim neighborhood, Pakistani, etc. Fear of walking about late at night, alone, in the poorest areas? Nope. Safe as could be.
And the absence of guns made it feel VERY safe

And then I come home, with very dangerous people with assault weapons being all fired up by bellicose rhetoric spewing from traitorous idiots..

Well, I'm unsettled as hell. - for myself, my non-white wife, and my 5 sons.
These people are fucking crazy... and dangerous.
I needed to rant that, well aware that people might not agree or take some critical exception to this writing. And that's okay.

* These dickwads need to shut the fuck up.. collectively.

That's all.

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