American Dream Squashed?

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I can't decide whether the Wall Street Journal wanted its readers to believe that wealthy American families haz a sad about the new tax rates, or their chosen cartoonist simply forgot to take his happy pill this morning.

If the above illustration is an example of "creating a meme through images", then clearly we have a government so oppressive in it's actions, that a family of six is absolutely justified looking like they just lost $21 ooo and found .... a lemon.

I'll point out that for the average Walmart employee the tax increase that family suffered (sic) is not the tax increase they would experience, it is their whole salary for the year, and probably a bit more.

So, Mr Sadass, why don't you try living on just your tax increase, not the $454 ooo you will have left after you have paid it. That would be $38 000 per month, or nearly twice the Walmart guy has for the year. Plenty of reasons to be sad there.

Now I know single-parents have a hard time. They are often unsupported, live in terrible conditions and have to spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort pursuing deadbeat Dads. Work opportunities are limited and life can be hard. Must be nigh on impossible to survive on $260 000, and my heart goes out to you. Life is indeed tough when you are down to your last Range Rover.

We have here an image showing just how tough people feel it is to have to survive on incomes ranging from $180 000 to $650 000 because the poor things were just asked to return to the Clinton tax rates, which were themselves historically low. And even then, most of those income levels only suffered the ending of the payroll tax holiday, their actual rates haven't gone up at all.

Of course for one of those families the actual rates did increase by a measly 3.9%. I guess that making a contribution to the society that is paying you so spectacularly well is an imposition that one should be sad about.

My heart bleeds for you. How will you cope!


With a hat tip to Leftcandid, in the comments, Working America has fixed the image

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