U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D. NM) has been one of the leading Senators to overturn the Supreme Court's decision on Citizens United that allows corporations to give unlimited contributions to candidates and campaigns without having to disclose any of their sources.  Udall is continuing that fight and has been joined by Senators Mark Begich (D. AK), Sherrod Brown (D. OH), Al Franken (D. MN), Max Baucus (D. MT) and Jon Tester (D. MT) in leading the call to overturn Citizens United.  I received an email with a petition gathering support to overturn Citizens United.  Here's the email I received today:
Since the Citizens United Supreme Court decision three years ago, we've seen special interest spending in elections skyrocket.

The Supreme Court isn’t about to reverse course. And the special interests aren’t going to voluntarily relinquish their power to spend unlimited, undisclosed cash to influence elections.

It’s up to us.

Next week marks the three year anniversary of Citizens United. To mark this unfortunate decision I am teaming up with my colleagues Sens. Brown, Begich, Franken, Baucus, and Tester to pledge our continued fighting to overturn it. Will you join us?


Help us push forward with a strong grassroots movement behind us -- click here to sign the petition to reverse Citizens United today.


The more years that go by with this decision on the books, the further middle class Americans will get pushed to the sidelines of our election process.

In 2012 alone, outside groups spent a stunning $1.1 billion to swing elections in their favor. Many of them did it without disclosing their donors, and without any oversight.

We need to return electoral power to the American people. That's why I have long fought for a constitutional amendment to help overturn Citizens United. And in the new year, I need your support.

Reversing the effects of Citizens United will take a strong grassroots movement. Be a part of it -- sign on today.


Thank you.


Here's the petition again:


And as a way of saying thanks to Senator Udall taking the lead, how about donating to his 2014 re-election campaign?


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