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I got up feeling horny this morning. While having coffee I felt the sudden heavy urge to shit. I held it, the feeling passed. I thought I should get a few things together. But this was obviously going to be a shit morning. No escape.

The very thought of a shit morning increased the shit urge. I got some newspaper, poppers and a good shit story and went into the shower room. I put the paper on the floor and the Shitlist story on a shelf - at eye level when squatting. I took a popper hit and started reading to get me started. I was squatting with my legs wide open. I felt the shit move down my chute and push out of my hole. It moved heavily and slowly, the relief was great. It curled down onto the paper in one movement - one large thick soft turd. Deep brown, creamy looking with softer shit that had fallen to the side. Fresh smelling and rich, I picked the paper up and put the whole thing on the shelf in front of me. I stared at it and jerked myself. I took a short snort of popper, felt the rush and took a piece of soft shit from the side and clapped it onto my dick. I love using shit as a thick lubricant. My dick and balls were all browned up, my dick just a thick coat of brown. I started to read the story again - a solo action story not unlike what I was doing - that made it all the more exciting. I continued jerking off.

Staring at the shit I moved in closer, got my nose right onto it, smelled that fresh warm shit smell. I put my tongue out and licked across the turd on the top. It was warm and pasty, I licked again, deeper this time, getting more shit into my mouth. I tasted the bitter brown of the turd. I had to have more. It just got me going. I moved my mouth onto the shit, opened and closed down on the turd, pulling it into my mouth. Some fell onto my chest and rolled onto my dick. My mouth was filled with my own shit. I chewed down on it and sucked it in and out. I wanted that popper rush again so I snorted deeply, stared at the shit and with the rush pushed my face full into the shit. The shit was thick and my face was totally buried in it. My hand moved down to start beating my dick, I stood up and moved to the mirror. I had no face just a brown pile of shit - my fcae felt hot under the shit, I wiped a load off and trailed it over my tits massaging it into them. It felt good. Rubbing the shit into my dick felt better. I looked up at the mirror and liked what I saw. I started beating off while looking at myself in the mirror. My cum spattered against the basin and across the mirror. I felt really trashed, filthy and that was the excitement, I guess.


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