I'll try to keep this short .. So my mom calls on Thursday and says: "I need a favor" oh, what is it?  "I have to go to the dentist tomorrow for a 11:15 appointment and Richard can't come because on Saturday he's coming to pick up my prescriptions" Oh, OK (reluctantly) I'll be there, good bye.  So I'm kinda pissed.  My brother who get $600 a month can't take care of this and I'm running this around in my mind and getting stewed (you know the drill).  And I remember he called me on Monday at 8:00 am to ask me to go check out mom because she was not answering the phone all weekend, you know, because I live So much closer.  I'm thinking I want to get $600 a month to buy the groceries once a week and call him when I think something is wrong.
     So, I show up this morning and take her to the dentist.  I take off and take a drive out to the rural areas, (Occidental Road to Mill Station to Cherry Ridge and back to Occidental and back into town)  I enjoyed it (what a beautiful sunny and clear morning).  And then back to the dentist parking lot which is right downtown.  Then I get out of the Jeep and strolled down Main Street and looked at all the stores and tried to remember what were in those spaces when I was a kid.  It was interesting to remember a lot of what it was like so many years ago.
     Anyway, when I was only half a block away from the dentist office she called me on my cell phone and said she was ready to go. So I picked her up and took her home and said goodby.  Oh, and she filled up my Jeep and gave me $50 to get a battery for her watch and on top of that I had the Best Morning in recent memory.  My bad. ....



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