After hearing the other day how Misrepresentative Eric Cantor wants to deliberately create another unnecessary fiscal crisis by increasing the debt ceiling for just three months, it occurred to me: Cantor and his Republican co-conspirators are psychopaths. They continue to want to scare the crap out of old people, who now know that playing a game of “chicken” with the debt ceiling also happens to play around with the possibility of seniors not getting their Social Security checks. How sick. How demented. What a bunch of psychopaths these Republican'ts like Cantor are.

And then came news that Harry Reid seems to be going soft on reforming the filibuster. Say what? For the past few years, and even more intensely over the past two years, the Republicans in the Senate have been blatantly, shamelessly disrespecting and flipping the bird at Harry Reid, the entire Senate, the President and the American People by deliberately and with malice aforethought obstructing and undermining the entire democratic process by misusing and abusing obstructionist tactics like the filibuster.

Mitch McConnell and his psychopathic Republican co-conspirators have been blatantly flipping the bird at Harry Reid each and every single day for the past two years. And now, after recently discussing ways to prevent them from inflicting their domestic form of political terrorism on the rest of the country, Reid has decided that it would be a good idea to “negotiate” with McConnell, who, during this period of “negotiations” has, apparently, decided to disingenuously tell Reid that he would “cooperate” with Reid (until Reid caves and then McConnell goes back to being the corrupt, dishonest political thug that he is). And Harry Reid's reaction? Well...now he thinks that maybe we should try to “play nice” with the Senate Republicans. Yeah. That's a good idea. Because they've been “playing nice” with you, Harry, with Senate Democrats, with the President and with the American People over the past two years. NOT.

My current assessment is that Harry Reid has gone insane if he seriously thinks, after the antics of McConnell and his co-conspirators over the past two years, that McConnell has any intention of being aboveboard, honest or fair.

So, after watching and listening to the news of the past few days, it appears that Eric Cantor and his co-conspirators are psychopaths and Harry Reid has gone insane.

That is, apparently, what the U.S. Congress has devolved into.

(P.S. Hopefully, Harry Reid will prove me wrong and he has some kind of nine-dimensional chess game going on whereby he is playing games with McConnell to achieve a greater good; however, at least on the surface, it appears that he has gone...completely insane if he thinks Mitch McConnell has any intention of acting in a fair, reasonable or honorable way.)

(P.P.S. Apologies to anyone out there who may have been declared to be a clinically diagnosed psychopath; it's not my intention to insult you by putting you in the same category as Eric Cantor or Mitch McConnell (a special place in heck has likely been reserved for the likes of those two folks, who have more than just obvious clinical medical issues relating to the brain...they also are defective in their hearts and minds and every other way imaginable.))

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