It has been demonstrated beyond any question that what now passes for "gun regulation" in this country was written, bought, and paid for by the NRA, etc. To be opposed to what we have, and in favor of the opposite requires no more understanding than that. I've been following this issue closely since the assassinations of the sixties, and now know no one else who has done the same thing and who doesn't feel perfectly comfortable in reflexively opposing whatever flavor of the day NRA (and ALEC, and a very large number of other influential, even powerful, right wing whackos) supports.

The simple truth is that if there were no guns there would be no gun deaths. And if you want to call that simplistic as well as simple, well obviously so. But certainly no more simplistic than "guns don't kill people, people kill people", and all of the inane repetitive tripe that flows so freely from that initial starting point.

What's now needed is a focus on simply terminating the Second Amendment, and any kind of right to keep and bear arms. If and when that has been accomplished, there very clearly will be need to have informed discussion about the details of what to replace it with. Between now and then the tactic of the left reasonably can be to pass a vast sea of every conceivable variety of regulation, and let the SCOTUS sort it out. A politically dangerous approach? Sadly, not! We can reliably count on a continuing stream of atrocities to keep the public consciousness appropriately focused.

Originally posted to Shut Down the NRA on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 04:33 PM PST.

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