I stepped out into the cool night air in Southeastern PA tonight and heard gunshots, exploding into the night sky. Only a couple shots (I know exactly what they sound like from deer hunting for forty years), but they were separated by several minutes, and repeated, like fireworks. There is no reason at all to be hearing these types of shots in a suburb outside of Philadelphia. None at all, except for the strong possibility that some deluded assholes felt the need to leave their desktop keyboards and point their weapons impotently at the sky to demonstrate their "power" to the hundreds of thousands of people otherwise enjoying a normal weekend without the obnoxious interference of fools.

I'm not sure what particular types of people felt the need to jack themselves off into the night sky (since the gunshots there have been several emergency sirens emanating from local fire departments. My wife just told me that a police officer with a flashlight accosted her vehicle after she had parked to have dinner in a local restaurant around here--no clue yet whether there's a connection between the gunshots and the time wasted by the local police department).

All I know is -- you have made an enemy of me, NRA.

You've disturbed my life with your idiocy.

And I am going to make you pay for it.


As gun rights activists celebrated the turnout at gun shows for national Gun Appreciation Day Saturday, police responded to at least thee accidental shootings that left five people injured at shows across the country.
So far, people have been shot in North Carolina (three people!), Ohio, and Indiana because of your stupidity.

The North Carolina injuries:

A 12-gauge shotgun discharged shortly after 1 p.m. as its owner unzipped its case on a table for a security officer to check it at a security entrance at the Dixie Gun & Knife Show, according to Joel Keith, police chief of the state Agriculture Department. Keith said birdshot pellets hit Janet Hoover, 54, of Benson, in the right torso; Linwood Hester, 50, of Durham, in the right hand; and Jake Alderman, a retired Wake County sheriff’s deputy from Wake Forest, in the left hand. Hoover and Hester were taken to WakeMed, but officials said their injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.
The right-wing political organization that the NRA has morphed into would be quick to assert it didn't sponsor "Gun Appreciation Day."


Game on, Fuckers.

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