in my last post I noted the cost of a Bushmaster AR-15, without rounds or magazines, was around $1700.

I have also just checked prices on various models of Glock handguns, and found they range from $219 up, although in general they cost in excess of $300.

Since someone had suggested I include in the cost of outfittin someone to take on a police department the cost of body armor, I ust explored that

You might want to look here - on sale for only $299.99.

Of course you can probably defeat its purpose several ways

- shoot your target in the head

- shoot your target in a leg artery

- use armor piercing ammunition to penetrate the vest

Then again, perhaps you have  bought your own Glock to take on a threat, only he is wearing body armor.

If this is all starting to sound somewhat insane, it is like the two vendors to the military, one who sells armor for tanks and the other who sells armor-piercing artillery shells, and the military plays one off against the other, so the escalation continues.

When will we ever learn that becoming more heavily armed is never sufficient, that it is an endless spiral that rather providing us with greater protection only leads to greater destruction?

Originally posted to teacherken on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 06:25 PM PST.

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