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How does a person convicted of manslaughter obtain 18 assault weapons and other firearms, along with 40,000 rounds of ammunition? Well, according to NBC News, a White Supremacist from Ohio who also happens to be a convicted felon did just that.
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Even more disturbing is what the search warrants unveiled, which was four trailers out back with automatic and semi-automatic weapons, bullet-proof body armor, high capacity magazines, and ammunition. Further, evidence of ties to the Neo-Nazi movement was discovered, as well as a “Jewish 500″ list, which is supposedly a roster of Jewish-owned businesses. Further, there was paraphernalia from “Waffen SS,” Adolph Hitler’s Nazi military force through World War II.
And why was he a felon prohibited from owning firearms?
Schmidt was charged with  murder and felonious assault in 1989 for shooting a Hispanic man with a semi-automatic pistol during a traffic dispute. He later pleaded down to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10-25 years in prison. Despite Federal laws prohibiting firearm sales to felons, Schmidt sure did get a hefty number of them, didn’t he? Also, the Feds still don’t know where they came from. He could have bought them at gun shows, or even the black market, due to loopholes that need to be closed with new gun legislation.
I feel as if I need to offer no commentary.

America is gun-crazy.

We are insane.

We have lost over 1,000 people to guns since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary

We will lose thousands more this year.

Felons like this bozo can still accumulate massive arsenals.

Racists like this, someone who has already murdered someone, can accumulate massive arsenals, and if he had not already been convicted of a felony the arsenal would be completely legal.

And the NRA wants to sue to block meltdown of guns turned in during gun buybacks.

The NRA wants to put more guns into our society.

The gun manufacturers and the extended magazine manufacturers and those who manufacture ammunition - including those with teflon coated or armor piercing bullets - want no restrictions on how many of these they can sell, and to whom.

One political party seems to agree with them.

That is why that party should be identified as the Guns Over People party.

Stop the madness.

Require background checks for all purchases of firearms and of ammunition

Ban ammunition that can penetrate the protective vests of policemen.

Register all firearms.

Hold owners responsible for the security of their weapons and ammunition.

Make the manufacturers liable for damages once again.

The military requires drug testing before they will admit someone into their brotherhood where they handle guns.  Perhaps we need drug and alcohol testing of anyone carrying a weapon, and carrying under the influence should be penalized even more severely than driving while under the influence.

At a minimum, could we not at least require as we do for driving an eye check and an accuracy test?  Do we want blind and/or incapable persons having weapons whose discharge can hurt or kill those who simply happen to be in the vicinity?

This is a public health crisis.

This is a matter of real national security - for all of those who do not want to be gunned down, who do not want to have to worry about when they will be caught in a crossfire by those who simply should not be carrying guns into that situation, whatever it might be.

Five percent of teens who attempt suicide with drugs are successful.

For guns the success rate for teen suicides is 90%.

Can we afford the costs we already have?

Can we finally stop the insanity?

Or are we already lost?

Is our sense of morality so far gun that we will allow the bullying of our policy so that th madness continues?

I wonder . . . .

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