I am so homicide
Those are the words of a man who murdered his mom in 1995 as a junvenile and was committed to a state mental facility as a danger to himself or others.  Those are the words of a man who was just put into jail for being a convicted felon in possession of thirteen fire arms including a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

The full article is up on the Star Tribune website and details all the loop holes that allowed this violent man to walk into a store and purchase firearms despite being a convicted felon who was deemed by a court to be so volatile that he should be separated from the rest of society for our safety.

I think about killing all the time. The monster want out. He only been out one time and someone die.
According to this article Minnesota law does not require a state ID, a SSN or some other personally identifying information when a citizen applies for a permit to purchase a firearm.  The man in this case simply transposed his first and middle name during his purchase and that was enough to slip by the software checking names of black listed buyers.  Private sales are not subject to the background check.

The fact that he was a convicted juvenile felon and the fact that he was committed was also missing from his criminal record, though in this case it didn't matter as he apparently lied about his name.  Junvenile records are expunged after a period of time without any further violent acts.  The article also states that the paper work of people who have been committed for possibly being violent is not always correct or easy to find.

Cases like this are proof that existing regime of firearms regulations are not keeping us safe.  We should not have to rely on the chance that a police officer who just happened to have been involved in the case of a violently unstable man over a decade ago would read the right report to stop a massacre from taking place.  The system we use to check for a legal firearms purchase must actually accomplish it's intended goal and must apply to all sales.  It must be robust enough to catch both liars and innocent clerical errors.  The system has to provide the police with enough money to do thorough investigations and not be under a artificial time limit to complete the background check.  If not then what is the point of the background check other than to lull ourselves into a false sense of security?

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