This will be a short diary.

As one of the people here on Daily Kos who regularly writes on religious issues and who administrates a group dedicated to those issues, I've noticed something lately: there are some people in our community for whom diaries about religion are triggers for strong negative emotions.

I know that there are some here who have been severely damaged by the abuse of religion and scripture. Just as there are some here who are survivors of other horrendous acts, perpetrated on them against their will. As a survivor of a particularly brutal gay-bashing, I completely understand that there are some things that trigger emotions which are very difficult to deal with.

I'm not suggesting that we not continue to publish diaries on religion on Daily Kos. To the contrary, I feel they enrich the community and foster healthy debate and discussion. However, as the admin of the Anglican Kossacks Group, I have revised the group's mission statement to reflect that some content may not be suitable for all readers:

A group for Anglican/Episcopalian Kossacks to discuss developments in the worldwide Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church in the United States, the Church of England and the Anglican Church of Canada and other provinces as well as issues related to social justice and church polity. Open to all, regardless of religious affiliation. Note: some content or discussion in this diary may trigger those who have been abused by religion and clergy. If you are sensitive to discussions of religion, you may want to move on to another diary.
Trigger warnings are given by many who write on topics like rape, incest and abortion. While I don't consider the practice of religion to be equivalent with these things, I do understand that there are people who have been deeply hurt by the abusive practice of religion.

I urge editors and admins and contributors of other religious groups to consider adding the same warning.

NOTE: I will be away for a few hours attending a colleague's organ recital, but will be back later to engage in the discussion, should there be any.

Bro. Commonmass

Originally posted to Anglican Kossacks on Sun Jan 20, 2013 at 11:38 AM PST.

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