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Welcome to Casual Friday where we wake you up with the overlooked news stories of the week.  The offbeat, strange and sometimes downright weird news items that mainstream media tends to ignore, all wrapped up with a few funnies, all designed to get your face in smiling shape for the weekend.

Florida police: Man posing as doctor gave silicone injections, sealed with Krazy Glue

A Florida man is facing charges of unlicensed practice of health care causing serious bodily harm after he injected silicone into at least two patients' buttocks at a motel room, according to a Palm Beach Sheriff's Office arrest report obtained Wednesday.
It seems this fake doctor, Calvin Edward Butler, 44 - also a fake woman known as Tamieka Butler - administered the injections at a Miami hotel dating back to June 2012.

The first victim, a woman, told police she would disrobe from the waist down and Butler would pour clear liquid from a bottle - liquid he claimed was sterile silicone he'd purchased from a nurse at Florida Medical Center then later claimed it was bought from a woman named Debra in the Miami area - fill a syringe and inject her buttocks where it "needed fullness" then seal the injection site with Krazy Glue.  She was charged $200.00 per session.

The second victim was a man who received weekly injections from June to October in the same manner as the woman described above.  The man paid $100.00 per session, a discounted price for being an old friend.

Subsequently both victims developed infections and sought medical assistance at the ER.  The woman was admitted with Lymphadentitis, a swelling of the lymph nodes due to bacterial infection and still suffers from chronic pain and a chronic cough.  The man
was admitted to the hospital with a severe infection and when doctors performed surgery on the man's buttocks, they found MRSA and other bacteria infections.  

As the man was recovering at the hospital, Butler paid him an unannounced visit in December, arriving dressed as a woman with a wig and fur coat and several large pieces of jewelry, the report said.

When the man asked Butler what he was doing there, Butler responded, You need to remember who the bi--- in charge is," the report said. Butler also said he was angry the man has sought medical attention, the report said.

Last month a Hialeah couple was arrested after having performed a botched buttocks-enhancing procedure on a woman and in 2011 a Miami Gardens woman was arrested for injecting patients with cement, Fix-a-Flat and other substances in their buttocks.

Hen lays egg within an egg

Rosie the hen surprised her owner by laying a huge egg weighing almost half a pound, but what he found inside the shell was even more amazing.

Double eggs are "extremely rare", according to Douglas Russell from the Natural History Museum, and almost never occur in supermarket-bought eggs.

UK snow: Build a snowman to help stop your home from flooding, the Environment Agency advises

The UK Environment Agency really is advising that an army of snowmen can save them from devastating floods as snowmen melt slower than normal snow there will be less surface water when the weather warms.
Millions of frozen sentries in gardens across Britain could stop homes being saturated when the thaw comes, according to the government-backed advice.

The thinking behind the idea is that it will stop the blankets of snow melting all at once.

Snowmen will melt slower than normal snow, meaning there will be less surface water next week when temperatures rise and torrential rain sweeps the UK.

Environment Agency spokesman Roy Stokes said: “Ideally if everybody built themselves a snowman it will slow the thaw down a bit.

“If you notice when people clear their drive the snow thaws away but the compacted piles stay.

“That would give a balanced thaw which would be helpful.”

Old Elvis Presley photos surface in Tampa Bay, FL.
An amateur antique collector from Hillsborough County has discovered some old photographs of Elvis Presley. They were likely taken in 1961 when Elvis was filming a movie in Florida.
Old Elvis Presley photographs discovered, go to the auction block

Keith Bolton, who does demolition work, has picked up antiques from here to Kentucky and now his collection is going to auction on January 26th, but amid all his stuff there is a bona fide star.

"It almost went into the trash," says Bolton about a photo album. He was paging through the album when ordinary family photos turned extraordinary.

"And lo and behold, I come on photos of who? Elvis Presley," explains Bolton. "Nobody has probably seen these photos before, because these were in a house that no one had been in for 25 years."

A Graceland expert says these photos were probably taken when Elvis was in Florida filming the 1962 movie "Follow that Dream".

"I'm still reeling from yesterday's inauguration disaster. First off, where was security? The Secret Service is supposed to protect the president and first lady, but in the middle of a kiss, they were viciously photobombed. Enjoy Gitmo, Malia." –Stephen Colbert

"Where did we go wrong? The Republicans had everything going for them – a terrible economy, an unpopular incumbent, and a positive message for the American voter: 'less than half of you are parasites.'" –Stephen Colbert
"At the inaugural ball, President Obama was caught doing some very stiff and awkward dance moves. In other words, Obama is already reaching out to Republicans." –Conan O'Brien
"Video game-maker Atari has filed for bankruptcy. Atari fans are so upset they're organizing a massive letter-writing campaign to President Reagan." –Conan O'Brien
"The post office may sue Lance Armstrong for all of the money they spent sponsoring his team. In fact, after all these lawsuits, they say that Lance Armstrong could end up as broke as the post office." –Jay Leno
"There once was a man name Barack,
Whose re-election came as a shock.
He raised the taxes I pay,
And then turned marriage gay.
And now he's coming after your glock." –Stephen Colbert
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