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Stream of Consciousness Man just watched the Ravens put away the Patriots.
This was right after watching the 49ers take out the Falcons.
I think its time for my Superbowl prediction. Swami exlrrp sees all, knows all:---the winning coach will be named--- (drum roll)---Harbaugh
I know others won't make such a bold, defining prediction but thats why I make the big money

Well, of course you know where my sympathies lie---I've been a 49ers fan since I was a slip of a boy and my dad took me to Kezar stadium. I saw them go to the SB and win 4 times with Montana, once with Young. The 9ers are 5-0 in the Superbowl
Its great to see them going to the Super Bowl again. they were the first team to win 5, I'd like to see them beat out the Steelers and get seven.

Sometimes the football just bounces funny.

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