Cross posted from Blue Virginia

Teacherken and I were both at the Virginia Inaugural Ball last night, along with about 1,100 other Democrats, all celebrating Barack Obama's reelection (including his second-straight victory in the formerly "red," now blueish-purple, state of Virginia).  I thought you all might be interested in video of the speeches, by Senator Mark Warner's, Democratic Party of Virginia Chair Charniele Herring, Rep. Bobby Scott, Rep. Gerry Connolly, Senator Tim Kaine, and 2013 Democratic gubernatorial nominee-to-be Terry McAuliffe.  For teacherken's live tweets from the event, click here.

By the way, I've been covering Virginia politics a long time, but somehow had never met Rep. Bobby Scott in person. I finally did last night, had a chance to talk to him for a few minutes, and was very happy to do so, as he's a super-strong progressive champion on all the issues we care about.

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