For atheists, agnostics, secularists....or those of non theistic religious such as Hinduism or Buddhism, this is not a happy day.  Oh, we can ignore the festival of God and Country that is occurring in Washington, and like me, who tried to made the most minor of concessions into something that it is not, we can rationalize the tone of the event.  

Can we, can I, enjoy the majesty and feel fortunate that I am alive at this time, while still being cynical, and striving for something more. anyone who wants to join me watching and commenting in this spirit, as not African Americans, or Gay Americans (although some of us may be) but as Atheists Americans- perhaps a phase that we should start to use.

Mike Newdow tried inthis suit delivered to district court in October of 2008 to change the religious aspect we are now viewing.  He is years, maybe generations too soon, and he failed.  Maybe we can kick around some ideas today on how we can succeed.

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