I'm really enjoying today.

Here's Erik Erikson's bitter tears and attempt to start a civil war in the GOP:

Congratulations Mr. President on your second inaugural.

Saying that makes some of you really enraged. I said the same on twitter shortly after his official swearing in. Several of the replies were embarrassing and atrocious. Some accused the man elected by a majority of Americans of treason. Some accused him of willfully destroying the nation

...But I do not think the President means to do this maliciously. I do not think he is treasonous. I do not hate him. I am not outraged by it. The President has done what he set out to do. I cannot be outraged by him doing what he set out to do. I am far more outraged by the Republicans not doing what they said they would do.

I don't care what Erik Erikson has to say, but I'm happy to know he is upset.

Here is the top comment:

What you interpret as "piss and vinegar" I interpret as fear and hopelessness. For the first time in my fifty plus years, I see my country being destroyed under the tyranny of an out of control government aided by the most irresponsible and feckless media ever. People don't know what they can do because they se no one standing up for them and they see the writing on the wall.

What is this joker talking about? Doesn't matter, I love following this guy.

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