Yesterday, I posted about starting a diet. Today, fitness classes start at my rec center so I thought exercise would be a good topic. Please join me in the discussion!

I'm no exercise guru! I played some sports in school though was no jock but I've always loved being active. I've become less and less so as I've gotten older and exercise seems mostly a chore. I've done yoga in the past and started a regular class series late last spring. I'm looking forward to returning to that this evening. I'm also an enthusiastic walker. It makes for interesting exercise and I love walking somewhere where I can enjoy the scenery. I'd like to start swimming, laps or a water aerobics class, but I haven't gotten the gumption up for that.

And that's about all I have to say about exercise! How about you? Do you have a routine? What's your favorite activity or what do you hate to do? What's your fantasy workout?


I'm interested in seeing more fitness and health diaries on Daily Kos and hoping we can support and encourage each others in these endeavors so I'm posting these diaries.

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