Thought the Native American members of the KOS community would enjoy this, know the Military Veterans of will.

Just aired on CBS who did some stellar reporting on today's events.

A lead up report I found while waiting for the CBS video to be posted:

Native American Women Warriors receive Mainstream National coverage on CBS
January 21, 2013 - The Native American Women Warriors, an all Native American women’s color guard, consisting of female veterans from all branches of service, have received National and mainstream media coverage on their participation in the 2013 Inaugural festivities.

Over the past week, CBS and other news organizations have followed the NAWW group as they have made their way to Washington D.C. to participate specifically in the American Indian Society Inaugural Ball and Powwow and the Inauguration Parade of re-elected President Barack Obama.

According to CBS correspondent Byron Pitts, “We were looking for a story to do about a group participating in the inaugural parade and the Native American women warriors seemed to be a perfect fit. It is a story that probably most Americans didn't know. I think one of my lines in the story was, "all of them have different stories of struggle that led to great success."  read more>>>

And surprisingly CBS posted it up quickly after reporting:

Native Americans make history in the inaugural parade

Over 2,000 groups applied to be part of the presidential inaugural parade. Byron Pitts reports on one of the groups chosen, the Native American Women Warriors, who help promote diversity and equality in the military and on reservations.

Visit them on their Face Book, and Like, page.

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