The state of Georgia has found itself a nifty way to privatize public education and fund anti-gay schools at the same time. Georgia, like a number of other states, gives tax credits to people who contribute to nonprofit organizations that then use the money to give scholarships to private schools—it's basically vouchers by another name. And in Georgia, many of the private schools funded are Christian schools with outrageously anti-gay policies, Kim Severson reports:
A male student at the Shiloh Hills Christian School in Kennesaw, who utters "I like boys" or "I am a homosexual" will be expelled.

And at the 800-student Providence Christian Academy 20 miles north of Atlanta, a student who is gay, lesbian or bisexual or supports people who are could be kicked out.

Seriously, the state of Georgia is funneling money to a school that would expel a student for supporting gay people. But it's all good, according to school administrators. Just a part of the beautiful rainbow of diverse schools with absolutely no diversity among their students.
"You can be a Jewish school. You can be a Muslim school. It’s the same as a Catholic school or if I wanted to go to an all-girls school or a homosexual school," said Claudia Hunt, who runs admissions for the Providence Christian Academy, a kindergarten-through-12th-grade school in Lilburn.

"That is why we are independent schools," she said. "We all have different missions."

Yeah, and I'll just bet Georgia's tax credit program includes a "homosexual school." With a policy that supporting straight people is grounds for expulsion.

A tax credit that simultaneously undermines the principles behind universal public education and punishes kids if they're gay or just not bigoted enough? What a win-win-win for the far right.

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