I've been wondering all day whether or not write about what occured at my doorstep last night.Today's  shooting convinced me to pass it along.
First a little background.I reside in a transitional living facility for homeless veterans in Joliet Illinois.There are six of us living on the second floor,the first floor being dedicated to caring for disabled from the neighborhood during the day.I was watching the old movie Witness for the Prosecution when I heard one of the fellows run out of his room and snatch up the phone to call 911."someones been hit by a car I think" he told the operator.He then went downstairs (I have severe emphysema, so I avoid the stairs whenever possible and the last thing the first responders need is another lookie loo standing around.)Moments later housemate returned to tell us that in fact a man had been shot twice on our doorstep.I never heard a thing.The police told my housemate they suspected the gun used had suppressor on it.No word on the condition of the wounded man.
This follows a fatal shooting of two people last month a few blocks away.We do hear gunfire in this neighborhood frequently and my family is loathe to come and visit me due to concern for their safety.
I know that we will never be able to ban guns outright, but this anecdotal evidence tells more must be done.

Update, The young man shot on my doorstep died today he was seventeen years old.

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